H-1B Visa Application Process For USA

H-1B Visa Application Process For USA

Overview: Many foreign nationals have a dream to do a job and live permanently in the United States of America. In order to obtain an opportunity to work with the USA companies in the United States, an applicant must have an advanced degree certificate such as Doctor, lawyer, architect, Computer programmer, Research Scientist etc. in addition if you have at least two years of work experience of related field then it will add mush easier to obtain USA H-1B work visa. USA H-1B work visa Application Process 1.In order to apply for a USA H-1B non-immigrant work visa the first and foremost thing is to find an employer who is willing to offer a job and Sponsor you in the United States. 2. After finding a Job Sponsor or If any USA company wants to hire you, then the Sponsorship company must file and send the Labor Certification Application(LCA) to the US department of Labor. This Labor Certification Application form contains information regarding the H-1B Sponsoring company. 3.When the Labor certification application approved by the department of Labor, then immediately filled a form I-129 for non-immigrant worker by the USA company or sponsor employee 4. Once Your I-129 form is approved then an applicant must apply for an H-1B application form from any US embassy or consulate which is located in your city. The processing time for approved petition depends upon Service center. It approximately takes 3-6 months to get an H-1B visa. 5. The H-1B visa application fee or petition for non-immigrant workers are $325. If you want to apply your H-1B work visa through premium processing service it means you can get an H-1B work visa very quickly through this Premium processing service, but you have to pay extra visa fee for premium processing service. for than an applicant should have to file a form I-907 and visa fee for requesting premium processing service is $1,125. 6. Every applicant must process His/her H-1B visa application process through by online/ internet. while filling a DS-160 form an applicant must pay attention whether the entered information is correct 7. You have to upload a digital photograph of each applicant while filing an H-1B application form. after submitting DS-160 form then pay visa fee for the H-1B and H-4 application fee is $190. 8. Finally an applicant get an appointment for a Visa interview and then go for an H-1B visa fingerprint process. After taking an appointment with the US embassy for a personal interview, you have to schedule the fingerprinting appointment at least two days before an interview at the US consulate. 9. an eventually attend for the H-1B visa interview at your designated US embassy which is located in your city. 10. If you are still facing any problems such as visa reject problem, mistakes while filing H-1B visa application form or any other visa related problems just contact our immigration attorneys. they will make easy to get all types of US visas and green cards. they will bring you to the United States legally. contact free consultation at our Immigration attorney NYC for an H-1B visa.

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