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Hong Kong has been welcoming people across the globe since a long time in spite of the huge population. The country maintains business relationships with the developed as well as the developing countries all over the world. The country’s interest in the fields of IT, transportation, banking, and communications has lead many immigrants to come to the country across the globe to reside and work in the country. Hong Kong QMAS is one of the available schemes under Hong Kong immigration for the people, who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong from India. This scheme is a quota based entrant scheme that was executed in the year 2006. This program is intended for skilled immigrants and entrepreneurs, who intend to pursue professional career and start a business respectively. To be qualified to apply under this scheme the applicants have to go through a points based test and be assessed accordingly. In addition they have to compete for quota allocation. Hong Kong immigration from India is possible through another option known as General Employment scheme (GEP), which is meant to attend to the labor shortages specified in the local labor pool. This program does not have any quota allocation. This scheme is available for the people in the fields related to commercial, Arts, culture, sports etc. The third available option for Indians to immigrate to Hong Kong is IANG program known as Immigration arrangement for non local graduates. This program is to encourage the foreign students to reside in the country on a residence permit.

Foreign graduates are classified into two graduates’ namely fresh Non- resident graduates (NRGs) and returning Non- resident graduates (NRGs).Fresh NRG’s are the graduates , who apply under this program within 6 months of completion of their graduate course, while returning NRGs are the graduates, who apply under this program after 6 months of completion of their graduate course. Fresh NRG’s who intend to immigrate Hong Kong under this program do not need to obtain a valid job offer. However returning NRGs should possess a valid job offer. Upon satisfying the necessary immigration rules both the categories of NRG’s are granted a residence permit valid for duration of one year. Efficient immigration consultants can help you out in each step of immigration process because the procedure involved in immigration process is complex and tough. Immigration consultants like Opulentus can surely assess your professional and personal needs before advising you on a visa for your smooth journey abroad.

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Immigration for Australia has much to offer to the migrants in every field of life. The country possesses excellent whether, balanced lifestyle, peaceful and often multicultural society, friendly and welcoming people, often modern and sporty lifestyle, lovely beaches. Talking about the economy of the country, Australia has a very stable and prosperous economy that generates great opportunities periodically that is creating a very demanding migration Australia scenario. Australia has a very reputed education system that offers a very vivid educational horizon to the international students who seek to create a great professional career for them. The country is a proven destination for all the overseas migrants who seek to grow in the country and settle there for lifetime.

It is often a very perfect place to live with family. The country raises a lifestyle that at every step adds great and fruitful opportunities for migrants allowing them to flourish strongly in the warm environment of the country. Immigration Australia implements a very strong platform for the migrants offering best living conditions and opportunities at every step. This commonwealth country even offers some very rich and prosperous citizens benefits to the migrants in the healthcare and transportation domain simplifying the life of migrants to a large extent. All these factors are strongly compelling towards offering a very planned and positive migration scenario for migrants who are looking to migrate to seek long-lasting opportunities and benefits in a beautiful country like Australia. This has been thus creating high demand for migrants all round the globe fascinating large flow of migrants towards Australia thus extending a very exciting migration scenario worldwide. Immigration Overseas is an immigration law firm registered with ICCRC and CRCIC providing online visa services to clients’ worldwide. We as a registered immigration law firm offers services that are highly coveted offering the entire essential assistance to clients’ through its great wealth of experience and skill in the visa and migration domain. We offer very friendly and affordable services that provide the clients’ with best opportunity to fulfill their migration goals. Under Immigration Overseas we maintain great level of confidentiality taking care of the case of every client. Unlike other immigration law firm, we not only offer visa services but offer several pre and post landing services and migration assistance that extends very high success rate to the organization.

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