Austria Red White Red Card

Austria Red White Red Card

Austria Red white Red card makes the journey smooth and easy. People from third countries can come and settle permanently in Austria through this card. The applicants have to follow points based test and be assessed according to permanently migrate to Austria. Austrian Red White Red Card overview The candidates willing to migrate to this country are initially approved of a visa for 6 months residence permit to find some work or job. After the job seeker finds a job according to his/her qualification, Red white Red card is issued for a period of one year This card authorizes the individual to be accompanied by his/her family members and children below 18 years to this country. Spouse of the individual who is granted with Austria RWR card can also apply for this card and start working in Austria. One can attain Permanent Residency as well as citizenship after staying in Austria for 5 years.

Why people want to settle in Austria? Austria is located in Central Europe and has a population of 8.4 million people. Though the county had faced recession there is wide range of opportunities in the fields such as health-care, manufacturing, social work and so on. The nation has a very high standard of living and takes the 25th place as regards to Human Development Index. Eligibility criteria for Austria Red white Red card Job seekers who are highly qualified and planning to settle in this country on permanent basis can file their applications under this visa. The applicant is expected to have great managerial skills and be committed to work and settle in Austria. The applicant has to possess the skills in those areas where the local talent are not available to fill those jobs. The applicant must have a relevant qualification or degree. Knowledge of German language. One needs to have a good understanding of the Austria RWR card requirements, eligibility criteria, immigration rules, time of processing to come out successfully. The process involved in filing the application is tedious and complex as well as time taking. This card applicants are expected to be patient during the one going process. Immigration consultants like MoreVisas renders help during each step of immigration process. The immigration rules keeps changing. To know about the latest information and updates MoreVisas guides you with the information and makes your dreams of migrating to Austria a reality.

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