Benefits of Having Dual Citizenship

Benefits of Having Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is referred to as a citizenship governed by the same person in two countries. For instance, a child can enable dual citizenship for himself a) in the first country where he has born and b) in the other country where his parent hold citizenship. Usually the place of birth enables one to hold citizenship automatically of that country, but to hold citizenship of his parents, certain procedure are required which can then make someone to have dual citizenship. Dual nationality connects two lands, offers a bunch of advantages, which are discussed below: Dual residency advantages / benefits: Passport and Travel:- A person who has dual citizenship can carry passports of both countries, can pass the border more easily with appropriate visa and stay for a long time without having any complications. For instance – if you belong to a country that belongs to the European Union, you can have a passport to travel easily any country throughout Europe without any visas. Career and Work:- Applying for a work visa without citizenship is a problem when you do not have citizenship of that country you work. But the dual citizenship does not have such legal consequences but rather it doubles the opportunities to work legally in either country, even it does not require having any long term visas. Safety:-

People who hold dual citizenship can use whatever passport makes them less target in either country while dealing with the local police to claim residency. Connects to native land:- Sometimes, some people choose to reside permanently in one country, but that does not mean they have to be disconnected permanently. With dual nationality they can not only vote, own property but also can retain their rights if applicable. Property Ownership:- Dual nationality can own lands in either country and can live either full or part time as per their choice, and can arrange a permanent house in both countries. Improved acceptance:- Unlike a couple of years back, dual citizenship now-a-days is increasingly allowed. Now several countries are encouraged to dual citizenship by offering it to former citizens, their children and even their grandchildren. Access to retirement programs:- Several countries also offer retirement facilities to those who have dual residency. The person is eligible for all each and every thing that government offers to its people in his/her lifetime. So friends, as you can realize, these are the benefits that a dual citizenship person can have!

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