How Do Indian Businessmen Apply For Dubai Business Visa?

How Do Indian Businessmen Apply For Dubai Business Visa?

A Dubai Business Visa is a very lucrative asset as the Dubai business world is a thriving destination for businessmen. However, it is especially valuable for Indian businessmen as it offers global exposure, higher turnover and access to international manpower. No wonder, then, that several businessmen seek Dubai business visas. But, there are two main types of business Visas in Dubai: Investor on business partner visa Investor visa is provided to people making substantial investments in the UAE. You can stay in Dubai for three years. But, that’s the upper limit of it. It will change on case to case basis. On the other hand, it has two requirements. Firstly, you should shares or stock options of certain value in company. Secondly, you should make a certain security deposit. You are then qualified for this type. Multiple entry business visa

If you have proof of business activity, you can get a visa that allows you to enter Dubai as many times as you like. Firstly, this minimizes the visa processes. Secondly, it minimizes the payments you make for processing services to agencies and Embassy. The requirements for Dubai visa are as follows: Valid passport – You should have more than 6 months of validity on your passport from the date of travel. UAE visa application form-It should be filled and signed. Passport size photo Bank statement – It shows your business activities in Dubai. Income Tax returns Covering letter – Travel details Though, these requirements sound simple, they are not. They are generic. They will imply certain standards. When Dubai Visa processing centre processes yovisu for Dubai Visa, they will expect certain level of income, business turnover in Dubai and assets to evaluate you for Dubai business visa. So, what is the best way to get Dubai visa for Indian businessmen? Hire the best consultants. Their expertise helps you create the right financial and business track record. They allow you to abide by the required standards. The right kind of team helps you create application that adds credibility and value to your visa application, because business visas traditionally go through much more scrutiny. It is essential to take expert advice and ensure that your application gets the best chance of being accepted. No wonder, businessmen depend on experts to create right platform to get visa approval within few short months.

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