How to Get a Green Card Through Employment?

How to Get a Green Card Through Employment?

Most of the people have lived in the United States with non-immigrant visa. The Immigration visa much critical to get without other’s sponsorship. To settle in the United States, most of the foreigners are trying to get a green card through parents, employment and other ways. One of the quickest way to get a green card is an investment, but it’s too complex to get it, the main reason is it’s too costly. The Green card can give a lot of privileges to live and work in the United States. Additionally foreigners can get a lot of special benefits from the US federal government. Job Security, Health benefits from the Immigration department, freedom from the legal issues, Start a business anywhere in the United States and many more benefits from the US government. So the government makes strict rules to settle in the United States and to get immigration benefits. To start a business foreigner requires the minimum to invest around one million US dollars. While, the business started in rural areas, the investment should five lakh US dollars.

The main aim of this scheme is to create new employment in the rural areas and attracts many foreign entrepreneurs to improve US economy growth. US government always focusses on the rural areas development, so the rural areas will develop in the United States. No special age requires, any foreigner can invest in anywhere, the minimum requirement is to create minimum ten full-time jobs for the US citizens. When the investment started in the United States, the immigration department gives the temporary green card that valid for two years only. After two years that green can extend to permanent green card with removal of conditions. The investor can bring their dependants. Unmarried children under 21 years of age, spouse considered as dependants. The investor must follow immigration rules and regulations after Green card approved by the Immigration department. The dependants are not eligible to work in the investors company, but they are eligible to get EAD (Employment Authorization Document). Labor certification also not need to invite, but follows DOL rules and regulations. Every US government provides 10,000 visas for fiscal year. If the foreigner contact an NYC Immigration attorney, most of the attorneys know the steps of the business and legal issues. The US Federal government also recommended that take a specialist lawyer’s help for any business and legal issues to prevent most problems.

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