3 Types of Lawyers You Might Need To Use

Lawyers don’t just help people who have been arrested or are in trouble with the law. Lawyers help people in many different ways, and you might find that you need to use one someday. Here are some different kinds of lawyers that you might need to use at one point in your life.

1. Entertainment Lawyer

If you work in the arts, you might find yourself using an entertainment lawyer one day. You could need one if someone steals your artwork or uses your music without permission. Or, you might want to turn to a lawyer if you get a part in a movie and are asked to sign a contract. Regardless of how small the part might be, it’s always in your best interest to have the contracts looked over before you sign them. You could find many parts of the contract that you aren’t ok with, and once you sign it, you’re bound by it.

2. Workers Compensation Lawyer

When you get hurt on the job, you don’t want to struggle with your employer, fighting to get a fair workers compensation payout. If you ever find that your employer denies that the accident happened at work or they are dragging their feet with your claim, then you’ll want to call a workers compensation attorney Oregon.

Additionally, insurance companies will find any way possible to deny your workers comp claim. It could be that you have a preexisting condition that they say caused your injury or believe that you aren’t as disabled as your doctor claims you are, so they deny your claim. You don’t have to worry about that. Just focus on healing and let the attorney handle the rest.

3. Tax Lawyer

Sometimes the IRS makes mistakes. They might make an error on your taxes, and you have to sue to get the money back. Or, maybe you didn’t pay your taxes, and the IRS is coming after you. When you have issues with your taxes, you want to rely on a tax lawyer. They understand the complicated laws regarding taxes and will help you with your problem.

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