Cop Dogs: 4 Popular Dogs for Police K9 Units

Bomb squads, search and rescue teams, and manhunt operations couldn’t function without the help of K9 units: specially trained pairings off officers and dogs.  Just like people, it takes a special kind of dog to perform the demanding but rewarding tasks of a police officer, which is why there are four breeds that are the most common among them.

German Shepherd

German shepherds are the most popular breed of K9 Officers Redlands CA.  They are fiercely protective and loyal dogs. Their high intelligence means they can learn and retain commands, signals, and behaviors. Their speed and agility make them perfect for helping their human partners to chase down runaway suspects.

Belgian Malinois

Mals are slightly lighter weight and slimmer than German shepherds, but they share many similar traits with German Shepherds: they are fast, agile, and loyal. Their loyalty, in fact, is a hallmark of the breed.  They crave the attention and praise of their human companions and are thus always eager to follow commands and be rewarded for them.


Bloodhounds are strong, but they aren’t fast or agile and they have a laid-back, docile nature. This makes them ill-suited for chasing and taking down suspects like shepherds and mals. What they are perfect for, however, is search and rescue. They have the keenest senses of both smell and hearing of any other dog breed. They are smart, too, so they can be quickly trained on exactly what to look for and how to signal to their team that they’ve found it.

Labrador Retrievers

Like bloodhounds, labs aren’t guard or attack dogs, but search and rescue dogs. They can follow a scent for miles on end with their endurance and sense of smell, and their speed and agility let them get to the missing person quickly once they’ve found them. Their friendly demeanor is a source of comfort while the rescued person is tended to by first responders.

You’ve heard it said that dogs are man’s best friend. They are also an officer’s best partner on and off duty.

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