How John Branca Attorney at Law, Continues to Honor Michael Jackson’s Legacy

Even after his passing, the late Michael Jackson is still one of the most famous musicians in modern history. Throughout the years, he gained massive popularity and drew major controversy alike for a variety of reasons; nevertheless, those close to him are determined to pay his memory honor and respect. John Branca Attorney and legal representative to Jackson during his career, has gone to great lengths to preserve his legacy and remind fans and critics across the globe of what he truly was: talented, real, and human.

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This Is It and Sony

Released in 2009, this documentary followed Jackson and his stage crew as they prepared for the upcoming This Is It concert series. Receiving praise from audiences worldwide, this film earned the title of highest grossing music documentary of all time — the following year, John Branca negotiated one of the largest record deals in history with Sony. The deal centered around the gradual release of 10 CDs over an extended period of time, including previously unreleased songs. In the spirit of continuing to preserve and reimagine Jackson’s music for future generations, Branca and Sony agreed to extend the record deal in 2018.

Cirque du Soleil Tours

John Branca, on behalf of Michael Jackson’s Estate, produced a show with Cirque du Soleil that would go on to become the 8th highest grossing tour of all time: Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. This tour has been enjoyed by millions of fans across four continents, and was followed by a second critically acclaimed venture — Michael Jackson ONE was a wildfire success and became a permanent show in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay. The show notably gave Cirque du Soleil its biggest opening ever in the city.

Unreleased Music and More

Several posthumous albums have been released by John Branca and the Estate on Michael Jackson’s behalf, making his music accessible to new listeners everywhere. In 2014, Xscape was released with a variety of Jackson’s previously unreleased works. The album became one of the top sellers of the year, and The King of Pop’s legacy only grew in its wake. The following year, Thriller officially became certified 30x multi-Platinum in the U.S., the first of its kind in RIAA Gold and Platinum history.

Michael Jackson was beloved by fans everywhere, and his death left an immovable mark on history. Thanks to representatives like John Branca, his fans can be certain that his legacy lives on in bold, raw splendor.

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