The Different Types of Lawyers: Which One Do I Need?

When it comes to lawyers, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Different cases require different types of lawyers to make sure they advocate for you more strongly. You wouldn’t choose a criminal attorney to settle a divorce case!

These are the most common types of lawyers you may need.

  1. Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers handle the A to Z within the business realm. Different attorneys are more specialized than others in certain aspects of legal corporate issues, though. For instance, some of them will be more suited to assist you with the legal issues of starting a company, whereas another may be more helpful when it comes to lawsuits against your business.

The two main types of corporate lawyers are transactional lawyers and litigation lawyers. Transactional lawyers handle the day-to-day business complications, such as reviewing contracts and managing any issues arising from the employees. They can also assist with licensing requirements and ensuring all your documents follow government regulations.

Litigation lawyers are useful when your business needs to deal with a matter in court. This can occur because you are facing a lawsuit or are filing a lawsuit against another entity.

  1. Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers are the types of lawyers that are the most famous. They are the people you go to when you are dealing with a criminal charge. They can assist you in understanding your legal rights and arguing on your behalf in matters involving arrest, bail, pleas or arraignments.

When looking for a criminal lawyer to represent you, make sure they have the correct licensing and that they have experience practicing in your state. Criminal lawyers usually include defense attorneys, prosecutors, and public defenders.

  1. Professional Licensing Lawyer

A professional licensing lawyer deals with cases where people will need to confirm or defend their occupational license – their right to work in a certain role. This is relevant in cases where there may be suspected misconduct that jeopardizes an individual’s credibility and ability to practice according to their license.

A licensing lawyer can help you appeal a rejected license, assist with cases of discipline, or when you want to be reinstated as a licensed professional.

  1. Personal Injury Lawyer

Who do you go to when you get hurt? If your injury is a result of somebody else’s actions, or if you got injured on someone’s property, you can file a lawsuit with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

If there is a claim against you based on injuries, you can also consult a personal injury lawyer to find out your legal options.

Personal injury usually arises from car accidents, slip and fall instances, or even from dog bites.

  1. Bankruptcy Lawyer

If your business is at a point of no return, and you would like to file for bankruptcy, you will need a bankruptcy lawyer. They know the details around the different types of bankruptcies you can file for, and whether they are suitable for your situation.

They can also negotiate for you in regards to debt repayment plans, or landlord evictions.

  1. Immigration Lawyer

If you are an immigrant and hold a temporary visa of some sort, you may need to consult an immigration lawyer every now and then. They deal with not only visa issues but also green cards and applying for refugee status.

More than anything, they are the people you consult when you need to figure out a system with which you may not be familiar. For instance, you can ask them about options or pathways when trying to extend your stay.

  1. Tax Lawyer

Honestly, who really knows their way around the taxation system? Tax lawyers, that’s who. If you are dealing with charges of tax fraud, tax evasion, or simply failing to file your tax returns, you will need to approach tax lawyers.

They are the people who know their way around the system and can advise you on the next steps. You can consult them for matters regarding state or federal taxes.

  1. Family Lawyer

Family issues can get messy, with prenuptials, divorces, child custodies, and more. The people you approach to help you out of these situations is family lawyers.

Some people may be tempted to deal with these issues by themselves, but it’s always beneficial to have a lawyer by your side. This way, they can negotiate more strongly on your behalf, and also give you a clearer understanding of the regulations surrounding these matters.

  1. Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property lawyers deal with trademarks, patents and copyright arrangements. This is useful for when you are starting a brand or a business and would like to ensure that nobody else steals your idea and makes money off of it.

You can use intellectual property lawyers to defend your right to an idea, or you can use them to file a suit against someone who has stolen your intellectual property.

  1. Real Estate Lawyer

Anything that has to do with property goes through a real estate lawyer. If you are buying a house, getting evicted, or are filing a claim against a landlord or tenant because of violating a contract, you will need a real estate lawyer.

Which Types of Lawyers Should You Use?

Overall, there is a different lawyer for almost every legal issue you can get wrapped up in. Choosing the types of lawyers for your complication will truly depend on what you’re facing. Make sure that whoever you choose is knowledgeable, licensed and experienced in the area that you need assistance.

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